Successful collaboration with our partners at North East Council of Addictions (NECA)

B’ Active ‘N’ B’ Fit successfully provide services to our partners at NECA. We provide therapeutic exercise sessions to service users and carers.

Our instructors deliver Boxercise, Exercise Movement & Dance and low level aerobics to a number of participants.

The groups are fully engaged and have showed great progress in terms of their fitness levels and social interaction.

Our work with NECA is an integral part of NECA’s service delivery and an excellent way of ensuring the removal of barriers to hardto reach groups. This ensures access to tailored exercise programmes to meet the needs of their client groups.

Ernest & Keith enjoying a round of boxing (above) other group members in action (below)


Testimonials from the group

“I haven’t been very active over the past few years mainly because of work but now I have started this course I want to carry on getting more active. I feel like I am getting stronger, but would like to keep on and do more classes to keep my fitness up”.

Boxercise group member Keith Brown

“I used to struggle for energy, but now I am feeling really energised. I have started doing some running along the beach since I started this boxercise and continue to so. I have realised I have more stamina and flexibility”.

Boxercise group member Dylan Thompson