Earlier Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer & Cardio Vascular Disease

B’ Active ‘N’ B’ Fit are successfully commissioned by South of Tyne & Wear (SOTW) Primary Care Trust (PCT) in the Sunderland area to incorporate cancer and Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) awareness sessions with exercise.

This is to encourage earlier detection and diagnosis of life threatening conditions whislt reinforcing the importance of physical activity to keep fit and healthy.

The sessions provide a structured exercise programme tailored to the needs of local communities together with information on the signs & symptoms of bowel, breast & lung cancer.

The sessions are very non threatening and fun which helps to get the life saving messages across to our clients.

We also incorporate CVD awareness and prevention into the sessions and low level healthy eating advice advocating 5 a day in the dissemination of fruit bags to participants.

Men’s Health

B’ Active ‘N’ B’ Fit are members of The Sunderland Men’s Health Network which looks at proactive ways to improve the health status of men in the Sunderland area.

We were part of a very successful event in Sunderland City Centre for Men’s Health Week 2011 with our valued partners to reinforce the importance of men’s health to the local communities.

This is vital as men are nortoriously reluctant to present to their GP with health problems as they feel that to acknowledge ill health is an attack on their masculinity.

This  leaves men vulnerable to advanced health issues due to often later presentation and diagnosis of condiitons such as cancer and cardio vascular disease.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Sessions

B’ Active ‘N’ B’ Fit were recently commissioned by SOTW Primary Care Trust to deliver prostate cancer awareness in a variety of working men’s clubs across Sunderland to encourage men in the most health deprived areas to present sooner with the signs & symptoms of this potential life threatening disease with great success.

We were able to generate local media attention to the issue of prostate cancer which was highlighted for Prostate Cancer Awareness week 2011 in The Sunderland Echo.